1. A manuscript submitted for publication in the journal should be in a hard copy including signatures of all authors on the last page and in an electronic copy (on electronic media or by e-mail).
  2. An article should contain a UDC number. The article abstract and title and the author's full name and affiliation are provided in Ukrainian, Russian and English.
  3. An article including graphics should not exceed 18 A4 pages. One page may contain no more than 30 lines, each line including up to 60 characters (taking into account punctuation marks and word spaces). The font size should be 14 and line spacing 1.5. The margins are 30 mm (left), 10 mm (right), 20 mm (up) and 25 mm (down).
  4. The text is typed in Microsoft Word using Times New Roman font. Graphics (black-and-white) are submitted as EPS, TIFF or JPG files with 300-600 dpi. Illustrations are submitted separately from the text.
  5. Articles that result from efforts undertaken by organizations should be provided with an accompanying document from those organizations.
  6. The authors should provide a statement to declare that the proposed material contains no confidential information belonging to third parties.
  7. A sheet of paper is attached to the original article to indicate the author's full name, affiliation, academic degree, title, mobile, office and home telephone numbers, office and home addresses.
  8. Abbreviations and acronyms of words, word combinations and terms, excepting generally accepted ones, may only be used after their first mention in the text.
  9. The contents of scientific articles should fit into the following structure:
    • abstract – brief information on the article (to 10 lines);
    • introduction – statement of the scientific problem, its relevance and association with state scientific and applied programs, significance of its solution (1-2 pages);
    • basic research efforts and publications – analytical review of recent research efforts and publications on the problem, identification of issues NOT solved previously (2-3 pages);
    • objective – description of the main idea of the publication, its difference from and contribution to known approaches, statement of new facts, patterns, relationships (to 15 lines);
    • description of research – main body of the article to state basic aspects of the research, experimental program and procedure, experimental results and their justification, established relationships, analysis of results, personal contribution of the author (8-12 pages);
    • conclusions – basic findings and recommendations, their significance for theory and practice, prospects for further research (to 1 page);
    • references – a list of literature sources referred to in the article; a reference should include the author and title of the article, place of its publication (city and publisher for a book and digest or journal for an article, its number or issue), publication date, number of pages in the book or pages of the article.
    • Submittals that do not meet the above requirements are not considered by the editors.
  10.  Submittals that do not meet the above requirements are not considered by the editors.
  11. Material submitted for publication is not returned to the authors.
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Publication Ethics Statement: The Editorial Board will be intolerable with malpractices such as plagiarism, the reproduction of articles previously published in other media or fraudulent research. To resolve these situations, we follow the recommendations of the Code of Conduct of the Committee on Publication Ethics.

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